“Citadels Deluxe” 2016 Edition Board Game Review and How-To-Play

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2-8 ½ – 2 10+ 3.5 / 5 Players Play Hours Recommended Age Geek Rating   Citadels Deluxe Review: Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels relaunched as Citadels Deluxe edition late in 2016. Winrider Games decided to include the Dark City expansion and a whole lot of extras into one Deluxe box with the base game, all for less than you would have to spend on them separately (A$45 vs. A$55). And the results, are amazing.   Before and […]

Sword Care with Everyday Household Products

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When I bought my first sword five years ago, I trolled google for “Sword Care”, looking for ways I could ensure it kept its pretty pretty shine. And then the dollar signs started to wrack up. I’d just laid down $90 odd dollars at the fair for my pretty sword, and the internet wanted me to fork out another $30 plus on a fancy kit that I’d use maybe every 6 months, and would take […]