“How To Be A Werewolf” Webcomic Review – Passing All The Tests

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The last decade has seen the Werewolf come second in mythic-creature-pop-culture after the Vampire (thanks Twilight), but “How To Be A Werewolf” definitely gives them a run for their money. This telling of the werewolf is deep, full of monochromatic beauty that captures moments of emotional upheaval, while also telegraphing serious issues surrounding anxiety and abuse.     Malaya Walters is 25 (already a treat that we aren’t starting with a stereotypical 16 year old). […]

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup – Specially for the Solo Gamers

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As a Tabletop Geek, the best place to source unique and often high-quality games is Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform has become the web market of choice for many, as it provides creators with the chance to improve the quality of their game production through exceeding their targets, and also gives might-have-never-otherwise-been-produced games a chance to shine. This week, we’re highlighting 7 we think are worthy of attention, that also happen to all have solo gameplay. […]

“Citadels Deluxe” 2016 Edition Board Game Review and How-To-Play

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2-8 ½ – 2 10+ 3.5 / 5 Players Play Hours Recommended Age Geek Rating   Citadels Deluxe Review: Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels relaunched as Citadels Deluxe edition late in 2016. Winrider Games decided to include the Dark City expansion and a whole lot of extras into one Deluxe box with the base game, all for less than you would have to spend on them separately (A$45 vs. A$55). And the results, are amazing.   Before and […]

“Helm” A High Fantasy Steampunk Webcomic – A Review

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Old school epic fantasies about underdogs rising up have been my go to since The Wheel Of Time started spinning. Helm is a high fantasy series that centers on an awkward college dropout whose every action and decision will shape the future of the world he lives in. And what a beautiful world at that. Eldrick Spellsong Jr. is joined on his path as the Harbinger, by nerd and Archery club captain Gwyneth Smedley (who […]