The Story So Far…

I started this company as a collection of all my obsessions, new and old. One day I decided to just sit down, start, and see where it all goes. So here I am.

The Motley Geek is dedicated to all things geeky, or at least the geeky things I’m obsessed with at any given time. Which changes. Fairly frequently. My new love for tabletop games comes from watching Wil Wheaton lose so much, which turned into a lot of empathy when I started teaching my friends to play. I don’t know if I can truly pinpoint a first obsession. It may be stamps, but is more likely to have been Pokemon Cards. I remember scrimping and saving to buy them behind my mom’s back.

Sometimes I’ll be writing reviews. Other times I’ll be writing my top 7 things in a particular genre. I like the number 7. That may change too. And I could just pop in to talk about the things I’m currently obsessing about. There won’t be any hard and fast rules.

I’d like this to be something sustainable. So to do that, I will occasionally be using affiliate links, which means I get monies if people buy things from my links. Like this Pokemon link. But this log, my words, those will always be free. So feel free to come on board, and I promise there will be something here for you.