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“Dark Matter” Syfy TV Series Returning 10th June 2017

Dark Matter is coming back to our screens for Series 3, with their first 2-hour premiere episode titled “Being Better Is So Much Harder” airing on the 10th of June 2017. I have already added it to my calendar; nothing is going to get in the way. Well, the occasional medical emergency… maybe.

Are you ready? #BadGuysHaveWayMoreFun

Posted by Dark Matter on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dark Matter Upcoming:

What have we been missing? Action, adventure, thrilling escapes. It has been 9 months since we saw the Android, #2, #3, #5 and #6 attempt to stop galactic war, while on a space station that was blowing up in the Season 2 finale.  It seems everyone we cared about has survived to season 3, and that #4 is the next target of the crew of the Raza, probably because he stole the blink drive. Well maybe not everyone we cared about…

What’s more, we are also getting a bit of a treat this season, in the vein of Talking Dead. A new after-show – After Dark – is premiering to run us through all things Dark Matter, hosted by Zoie Palmer (I miss Lost Girl!). Another chance for us to pretend we’re just friends picking apart our favourite shows on a couch.

Dark Matter Review:

For those that haven’t sunk their teeth into Dark Matter yet, here’s why you should.

Dark Matter opens aboard a spacecraft that is in trouble. All the crew start waking up from hyper-sleep to save the ship and themselves. The problem is, they have no idea who or where they are.

It is a wonderful exposition of the clean slate. We have all seen the character that loses their memories, and how this changes them, changes dynamics. For a show to start on the premise that all of the main characters have a history – a dark history – and have them not remember that, gives this sense of tension and discovery that has become rare in television.

The majority of Season One revolves around the crew figuring out who they are and who to trust, knowing that one of their number could have caused the amnesia. They think that figuring out their history will tell them who they are, but as they learn their history, some of them start thinking that they would rather not know.

Every character snippet reveals a reason not to trust anyone, making the audience second-uess their own predictions. Dark Matter does an amazing job of keeping me on my toes, while still having me root for all of them to get it together when the bigger bad guys pop their sinister heads up.

Which is the other reason to watch Dark Matter. The universe and politics that are larger than their individual stories. Dark Matter reveals a compelling futuristic society, that just gets better as the seasons progress. Antagonists and corporations are introduced that you want to know more about (e.g. Wil Wheaton as Alex Rook), while plots start unfolding themselves with the Raza crew at front and center.

And did you know that Dark Matter started as a graphic novel? Check out the snippet below.

Dark Matter Graphic Novel
Dark Matter Graphic Novel

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