“Tool Arc” EDC Multi-tool Review and Comparison

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When it comes to multi-tools, I adore my titanium Leatherman Charge with its S30V blade and 18 other tools. But at 250g, I am guilty of sometimes leaving it at home. Lugging around an extra quarter of a kilo can really tug at my pants. Which is why I started scouring the market for an everyday carry multi-tool. In other words, something lightweight that I wouldn’t leave behind. Like this one that was funded on Kickstarter last September: […]

Is “Pokemon Go” past its Best Before Date?

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  Ten months ago I was enthusiastically Go-ing with all the other wannabe Pokemon Trainers in the world. But in the last 5 months, I’ve clicked on it, felt frustrated and swiped it off. So, is Pokemon Go past its Best Before Date? Pokemon Go Stats: The meteoric rise of Pokemon Go last year had everyone going wild, with the world claiming it as the “health app” of the year and the cure to the sedentary geek lifestyle.  But […]

The Story So Far…

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I started this company as a collection of all my obsessions, new and old. One day I decided to just sit down, start, and see where it all goes. So here I am. The Motley Geek is dedicated to all things geeky, or at least the geeky things I’m obsessed with at any given time. Which changes. Fairly frequently. My new love for tabletop games comes from watching Wil Wheaton lose so much, which turned into a […]