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7 Best Mobile Tabletop Game Apps

For when you can’t find someone who will game with you, here’s my list of the 7 Best Mobile Tabletop Game apps to date, in price order. These apps make it semi-okay when your friends refuse to play Pandemic with you again.

7 Best Mobile Tabletop Games:

1. Coup – Free

It actually works. You wouldn’t think that a game based on calling other people’s bluffs would work online, but it does. It’s good enough and free enough for me to ignore the couple of crashes I’ve had. Tabletop episode.

Coup on the App Store   Coup on the Play Store

2. Ticket To Ride – USD 1.99

Ticket to Ride is a modern classic about building the longest train route. Solo mode works great, but there are some multiplayer glitches. It is such a great way to get non-gamers addicted, it has been featured on Tabletop twice.

Ticket to Ride on the App Store   Ticket to Ride on the Play Store

3. Splendor – USD 1.99

Splendor is a game of who is going to get famous first. Famous in this case is 15 prestige points. No dull moments as players only get 1 action out of 3 possible actions on their turn (collect a gem, buy a card or reserve a card). The app can be glitchy, but looks great.

Splendor on the App Store   Splendor on the Play Store

4. Catan – USD 3.99

Some people hate the robber. Personally, I think he’s the best defense against hoarders ever. This is one of the most true to life adaptations that I’ve played yet. Tabletop episode.

Catan on the App Store   Splendor on the Play Store

5. Lords of Waterdeep – USD 6.99

The design of the app is fantastic. Probably the least glitchy I’ve tried. Keeps you rulebook accountable, while you rule Waterdeep as one of its Lords.  Tabletop episode. This one has Felicia Day! Just leave me to my fangirling.

Lords of Waterdeep on the App Store

6. Stone Age – USD 6.99

Great resource gathering worker placement game that I personally felt was worth the price tag. It looks a  bit different to the IRL game, but for me this meant “better”.  Tabletop episode.

7. Carcassonne – USD 9.99

Build your medieval world, tile by tile. Well yours and every other player. I mean just look at that city. Who builds a uterus city? Only in Carcassone. The expansions are so reasonably priced, it almost makes you forget that you forked out $10 to begin with. Tabletop episode.

Carcassonne on the App Store   Carcassonne on the Play Store

And that’s my top 7. Well the 7 I keep playing and haven’t stopped playing anyway. 🙂 There are many more games that I love that didn’t make my list for one reason or another (personal preference, glitches, price etc.). And since I wouldn’t want them to go without some love, here are 67 games for iOS and 55 for Android.

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