Geeky Obsessions


Curling up in a comfy nook with a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, a fluffy blanket over me, and my favourite book. That’s the life.


Board games, card games, war games, euro games. Whichever we play, it’s all about coming together to celebrate geekdom by having a blast.


Video Games

Whether you are a PC, console or mobile gamer, you are a gamer. We immerse ourselves into the world of games. To learn, to escape, to live. Let’s play games.


There is now screen time for every geek. Whether youtube, the syfy channel, or every single Marvel movie, there has never been a better time to literally netflix and chill.


Perhaps you started as a history buff. Maybe it was the call of the One ring. Or pretend play with swords. Whether it was Rand Al’Thor or Robin Hood, you’re here now.


Prepping is great for a disaster, a fire, a flood or in times of war. We… find it more thematic (fun) to prep for the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Petra – A Book about a Child, but not for Children

Petra is unique in the apocalyptic genre, in that it details the apocalyptic events of a future society set on a distant planet. It follows the journeys of people who get introduced slowly over the course of the book, starting with the Bot. As we listen in on its private calculations about the human race (or Allendian race), we learn that the Bot has no name, but a mission. A mission that involves extermination of […]

“How To Be A Werewolf” Webcomic Review – Passing All The Tests

The last decade has seen the Werewolf come second in mythic-creature-pop-culture after the Vampire (thanks Twilight), but “How To Be A Werewolf” definitely gives them a run for their money. This telling of the werewolf is deep, full of monochromatic beauty that captures moments of emotional upheaval, while also telegraphing serious issues surrounding anxiety and abuse.     Malaya Walters is 25 (already a treat that we aren’t starting with a stereotypical 16 year old). […]

The Best 7 iPhone Wallet Cases

Everyday Carry (EDC) tools are the essentials that you bring with you out on the job, to social events, in case of an emergency – pretty much anywhere and everywhere. As such, making sure that your EDC is ultralight is par for the course. Phone wallet cases combine 2 of your bulkiest items into 1, and force you to take a good hard look at all the membership cards you’ve been lugging around (pro tip: […]

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